Diploma in Information Technology

O/L ඉවරද? කරන්න දෙයක් නැද්ද? ඔයාගෙ CV එකට අලුත් title එකක් මාස 6න් update කරගන්න වටිනා සහතිකයක් සහිතයි. - Information - Characteristics of Information - Information Technology - Computer system - Types of Computers - Hardware Elements - Use of IT Everyday Life

Duration - 6 months

Category - Professional Courses

Cost - LKR 25,000.00

Course featured Video

Chapter 1  - Information
Chapter 2  - Characteristics of Information
Chapter 3  - Information Technology
Chapter 4  - Computer system
Chapter 5  - Types of Computers
Chapter 6  - Hardware Elements
Chapter 7  - Software Elements
Chapter 8  - Use of IT in Everyday Life

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